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Online Makeover Tips
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Online Makeover Tips

Benjamin Lehrer, July 18, 2018

Displaying an up-to-date online brand presence will keep you relevant and fresh in today’s online world. Re-designing your website is an easy way to start. Look at it like a fresh start or makeover for your online self. Paying attention to a few important details when re-designing your website will ensure a successful platform to base your online brand.

One of the main places to start is by considering the main reasons for re-designing your web page. Whether it is to increase sales or site traffic, or display new products and services make sure these things are clearly portrayed throughout the site. Understanding your audience and their needs is equally as important. Your posts and content need to communicate in a way that will appeal to your readers. This may mean writing in a voice you wouldn’t normally write in.

Next comes the content itself. Displaying your content in an organized way that flows well and is easy to navigate is important. Readers need to be able to find sought after information quickly and easily. To ensure this, your site needs to load quickly and run smoothly. Strategically place pictures and videos throughout the website so they do not bog down your site. SEO’s, or search engine optimizations have become one of the most useful tools in building new websites today. By using terms and phrases that are relevant to your field it is easy to be displayed on major search engines. Place these terms and phrases throughout your webpage in places like page titles and descriptions as well as throughout your other site content.

Encouraging your audience to become more involved with your company is often a major goal of a website re-design. Newsletters, following your social media or purchasing services or products via your website are all great ways to get your audience involved. Utilizing social media and allowing your audience to share and post your content is some of the best exposure you can get online. So if you are asking your audience to follow and share, you need to make sure your social media platforms are up-to-date and well maintained, just like your website.

Making your re-designed site mobile friendly is as important as any of these details. Smartphones and tablets are everywhere these days, and if your website is not convenient for mobile access people are going to spend time on different sites. There are different ways to maintain mobile sites and they vary in price and labor so make sure to research which options will work best for you.

These details will serve as the frame of your newly re-designed website. Pay attention to them and you will have a functional and productive site to base your online brand presence.

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